Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I just enjoyed myself reading about Sara's Paranoia, had myself some good laughs!!
Thought i could allow others to laugh at moi!
So in no particular order, here is my list of the day!

10. Someone, or something hiding behind the shower curtain in ANY bathroom I am ever in. Seriously, i don't know exactly why, or how this started. But before I sit, i check behind the curtain! Yes, even in my own bathroom at home that i use 20 times a day! If you have any advice on how to get rid of this, lemme know!

9. BEING IN A CAR ACCIDENT...mostly when someone else is driving. I will just put it out there, i am the worst backseat driver! I go nuts, i cringe, i even sweat! The turns, the speed, the other cars around, i am certain that i will crash if someone else is driving!

8. THE DARK...yes i did say the dark, oh and my husband LOVES this one...he truly gets a kick out of this!

7. SOMETHING HAPPENING TO MY KIDS...as any mom would say i am sure! but it is an ill feeling to think about. And with THIS POSTING...it goes without saying that peace and quiet is not longer that much enjoyed here. If i cant hear them, i am freaking out, and checking on them 20 million times...

6. AN ELEVATOR BREAKING...just while i am in one of course! like a weird noise, rattle, or a slight weird movement...not ok! I am thinking, my death is near. Sad huh?!

5. DOGS ATTACKING...yes, i do own 2 dogs. But i am scared to death of other dogs around me, at the dog park, at other peoples home, and especially dogs on the lose when on walks. They are thinking that I am their next chew toy...

4.THE GARAGE DOOR...paranoid that the sensor will break and it will come down on a child, a dog, or the tail end of my car. Silly, but it happens.

3. A BURGLAR IN MY HOME...when i come home late at night with my children, and my husband is away, i have a panic attack that there will be someone waiting inside for me...and not waiting to give me a present.

2. OF MY DOG GETTING AHOLD OF THE NEIGHBORS DOG!! they are both alpha females, and do not have much love for each other!! Allie, my dog, is our gentle house cat, but when she sees that dog, she becomes someone else...kinda scary

1. SIDS. this is true.

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Michelle said...

You are too funny! :) Even though you aren't a fan of Twilight, I will still enter you and if you win, you can give to someone who is :) And yes, I would hate it if my town was over taken by a heard of obsessed fans. :)