Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MEGA MILLIONS...here is come!

So I always say, i am gonna win the lotto today...
Oh wait, i have to play to win, i always forget that part!
Well yesterday, my Uncle bought a handful of Mega millions tickets
and past them out.

Yes, i was given one! Woot Woot!

So i am posting this in advance of the winning numbers being drawn
To declare that i feel GOOD! and this ticket i am holding...
...i mean you need to believe right?!

So pass on the lucky luck goodness over my way...and let this be true!

A quick couple FYIs on the Mega Millions...
My ticket was purchased for $1,
and has the potential to win $133 million dollars
There are 9 possible ways to win
Once i see that i am a winner, cause i am...
I have 180 days to claim my winning ticket!!
My winning numbers will be drawn tonight at 8pm!!
My odds to win the JACKPOT** 1:175,711,536

Yes, yes, this is true!!
Happy wishful thinking Tuesday!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great idea! I need to buy one, or have one given to me. I can never give them away to others, i get all worried that they will win or something. Good luck and if you win? I'll help you shop..

RCaitlin said...

Keep believing! If you win a million let me know! (I think faithful followers deserve at least a measly $5,000 right?) haha jk. Good luck!