Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blogger Vaca

Wow, did i really just take 6 days off from blogger world?!
Yup, this is true, i did!
With my husbands deployment nearing,
we have been awarded with numerous 4 day weekends!!
hooray for that.

Then add in all the holiday hoopla,
Mucho family visiting from outta state,
my 3 kids, 2 dogs, a very messy house, and endless laundry...
makes for a whole lotta no computer time!
By 12 midnight, once Miss Riley is finally asleep,
my legs, arms, and eyeballs are exhausted. depleted!
I am dragging to my bed!

Our holiday weekend was Jam packed, and firework crackin!!
We were once again in Union, Washington on Hood Canal!
Gorgeous weather, thank you!!
I love watching my son spend the entire day, in his life jacket,
with his cousins, swimming jumping and splashing away
till the sun goes down!
I swear during the summer months,he grows gills,
and is a water shark!
We are very blessed to have this home.
I spent my childhood summers there, just like my mom
and my children are growing up, lovin the same summer joys!!

We have endless pictures from this weekend, so i will share a couple favorites!!


Miss Poster Girl!!

Here comes in the Boat Parade

These two are inseparable!!

Silly Uncle Kenny jumping from the deck!

Aiden jumping from the deck

This is not the best picture, from my phone, camera died...
but this is 23 of the 26 grandchildren!!
We missed you Lisa, Sarah and Jake!
From ages 2 months to 26 years!!

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Michelle said...

looks like you had so much fun for the Fourth of July! :) cute pic's too!