Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And here we go!

Let's just dive right in!

I'm certain y'all understand that reading my blog is really more of an overly long Facebook status...
It's my crazy head when I'm too excited, too frustrated, or so bored...
When my brain has too many words it wants to spew out...
Its me laughing at myself and the spinning world around me.
It's me sharing so much of our lives that our dear families and friends miss out on so much.
But truthfully, it's me typing cause I have so much to say, and no one to talk to...
Looks better when I type instead of talk to walls!
So with that I say, welcome to my life!

Lets get up to speed in case you weren't tracking-
The army life moved us to Hawaii in December, kicking and screaming, we accepted the challenge!
Josh took over responsibility for his company as 1SG shortly after arriving, and the madness of life began! He really is an amazing man, clearly you all already know this! Beyond blessed to share this life with him!
We are living on post on Schofield barracks in Wahiawa, Oahu. address will gladly be provided if you are wanting to visit!
Little people update, yes there are still 5, YES, we are a large family, yes we handle quite well, no really, please save you 'bless your hearts', cause we got this!
really, WE got this!
Roll call- Aiden 11yr, Kaylee 9yr, Riley 5yr,
Kolson and Kyler monsters giving me gray hairs2 1/2.
And don't forget the four legged child, Miley!

And that brings us to where we are now! Fully living the Aloha life in Hawaii. Finding the tough ways of the beach bum lifestyle. Like I said, we accepted this challenge!
Not to worry, we dabble in normal life also...
In case you missed it, the Seahawks won the super bowl (still watching highlights in this house!)
Josh has a crazy work schedule like 24/7 really, big kids are working hard with bringing this school year to a close soon.
My littles are finding new ways to destroy mom and take over the world a little more everyday!
This lady finally found a new home, crossfit gym.
Painfully making up for the time I lost while moving.
Still trying to pretend I'm walking into CFD for a 4pm party...miss y'all!
Painted Expressions is not up an running just yet, I need more organization in the new home first, and to find my groove again. work ethic where have you gone I miss painting, I miss my sander, but I really really miss all my happy customers!
It'll happen, I'll be back soon!

And I think that about wraps it all up.
Hi, hello, Aloha!
I'm excited to blog for me you again!

I'll get working on sprucing this old thing up a little, bring it a little more up to date! Stay tuned, you know you wanna waste some time with me and my mindless rambling thoughts!

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