Monday, April 28, 2014

blissfully insane WHO?!

Hi y'all! Hello! Aloha!
Happy last Monday of April.
So, my blog clearly states that the last entry was in
say what?!
yes sadly, 2012!
My snappy little typing fingers got carried away in my crazy life.
Lets see...
there was oh, the five children  that call me mom,
the Sir of the house, the main man.
lots of great friends and adventures...
There was an explosion in a creative business adventure called Painted Expressions,
you mighta heard of it!
and there was a huge move from Dahlonega, GA to Hawaii.
(which we are still adjusting to)
So here I sit thinking...
well im thinking about what you are thinking...
Should I return to blissfully insane?
The poll is open for votes...
comment, like, or don't!
The kids all say HEYYYYYY!!!

1 comment:

Carii Mandi Valentine said...

YES!! I love reading your blog..