Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pulled pork and Beasty BBQ sauce

Here is something new from me.
I'm not usually one to post about recipes and reviews...

But i just rolled the end of my whole30 into the start of a paleo challenge at my gym.
Part of this gym challenge includes earning points for writing recipe reviews. 

Well if I'm gonna write a review for their blog, why not share it with all of you as well?!
 And I do know a lot of you would appreciate the review on a paleo-whole 30 approved recipe!
Yup, yup, yup!
I see you nodding your head, you wanna know!

So for our recent company Easter party I was in charge of a main dish, and being on a whole 30 challenge, I refused to make something that I could not eat, and no, I wasn’t going to serve steaks to everyone! 
And so, the google search started!

My search excitedly ended at this recipe, and my plan was in motion!

From the Civilized Caveman {awesomeness!}no really, his site is awesome!
yes a BBQ sauce that is not full of brown sugar!huge WIN in my book!

At the party,  this was set up along with buns for sandwiches for others to enjoy, but I had good feedback, and nobody {ok, just 5 people} knew that it was ‘special’
I didn't need to add a label to it for all those soldiers and moms to be like, EEK! A healthy dish!
Besides this pulled pork that I made, the only other whole 30 safe item was lettuce and tomatoes, and so that’s what I ate!

There was a huge amount made, and the leftovers provided me with a weeks worth of easy peasy meals! I did pulled pork mixed with my scrambled eggs, mixed with kale, mixed with veggies…I think I did it all. And I didn’t mind cause I loved it!
I know there are easier recipes out there, but for this event, this worked out great!

First picture is of the pork wrapped up with its dry rub on,
second is my big pot of Beast BBQ sauce cooking
Then there is my final product ready to enjoy!
Last picture is a breakfast meal using it as leftovers-
pulled pork scrambled in some eggs with roasted broccoli! 
So if you are needing a new idea, something to serve a lot, or for many meals for yourself,
maybe this is what you looking for...
I say give it a go.
Or just try the BBQ sauce, add it on uh, whatever you wanna!
or try out the dry rub for pulled pork.
Either way, you cant go wrong!
I know I loved it!

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