Monday, October 1, 2012

to etsy?

With all this 'new hobby' fun stuff that has been occupying most of my free time,
I am really loving making hand painted signs, 
coming up with new ideas, playing with the paints, techniques...

I have been spending a big chunk of my brain space on 
thinking if i should open an Etsy store of my own to sell my work.
Though i would love to scream yes yes yes, and dive right in...
There are a couple things...

Should i do this, and just roll with it? see how sales go or not, and have fun with it?
Should i just continue to make signs as they come to mind, 
then either keeping them to myself...or storing them in my closet?!
Am i ready for a stranger to receive an order in the mail and then NOT LIKE IT?
Maybe i should just take custom orders from friends around me, keep it simple?
Do I just  make a big large collection of signs, get my fancy pictures ready...
then open a store, and post the listings??
Do i have to come up with a definitive style that defines me, and my work?
{cause all my pieces are really all over the place}
A store name? HA!

anyways, my brain goes in circles quite we could do this all day, really.
As you can see my thoughts, and my brain processing is really wonky!
{dont judge!}
But I guess, i ready for this?

Here are two of my latest and favorites!

Any opinions on the question at hand?
And store name ideas would be super awesome!

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