Friday, September 28, 2012


After I posted about my failures to actually hang up the wood signs i have made,
someone, a very awesome someone 
contacted me interested in me making signs for her!

I was thinking, uh, she serious?!
And she was!
The job? 
Some pieces to fill up empty wall space in her family? man cave!
the theme, University of Georgia, the Bulldogs!
something I am totally NOT familiar with, but i can do this!

And I did! 
AND I have pictures to share with you.
I have to apologies for the noisy pictures, i forgot to take some good good pictures,
and only got snap shots with my cell before handing over all the pieces. boo.
I kinda suck at remembering to do that!

I made a total of 6 signs!

 The "G", made 2 of these

 These are my attempt at a vintage like sign. 
Faded and 'vintage' like picture of the Bulldog with the words over it.
I am happy with how they turned out, 
and would love to make more using this method! 
{again, sorry for horrible pictures!}

Game On Bulldogs!


and, here is the collection, 
ready for their new home!

Thank you Kelly for giving me this opportunity to stretch my artistic side
I hope they are looking great in your family room!

...and now in the works,
a couple cute personalized rustic signs
for my daughters 2nd grade teachers Wedding!
ill make sure to get better pictures, and share!

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