Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recapping the long weekend.

It really was a long weekend, and i feel like i am still trying to recover from it all!
Saturday started with a football ball game...

Well wait, lets back it up!
Saturday morning started with me frantically washing clothes, and packing.
Packing for our family of 7 to head off to a 3 day marriage retreat.
I feel waiting for the very last minute adds excitement to such things!

Then, it was off to football!
With my babies staying home with a sitter,
my two cutest cheerleaders in tow, and  Dad and big brother at the field...
we were ready to sweat it out, Cheering for the Indians!
The score? I cant remember, but we didn't win.

The game was lost from our minds when a teammate on Aiden's team was injured on a play.
This ended with a helicopter medi-vac trip to a Children's Hospital in Atlanta.
With all on lookers praying on the side lines, and tear filled eyes of our little 9 year old football team,
the rest of the game was a blur.

After the game our plan was to get on the road to our marriage retreat,
but we decided to make a detour to take Aiden to the hospital to check on his teammate, Camden.
My little{big} man, already being a super emotional man, he was just beside himself...
A big weeping mess. Leaving this mama to just hold him and cry too.
The confusion, and fear that these little boys were feeling as they watched a teammate and close friend get loaded into a helicopter and fly away...
it was well beyond your average day at the football field.

We finally found the right hospital and got great updates!
Mild concussion with all test results coming back all fine,
Camden was later released from the hospital that evening!

And we continued on to the hotel that our retreat was being held at!
5 love languages,
5 types of forgiveness,
and 5 types of apology.
Session, great meals, play time, family time, DATE NIGHT!, free child care...
and did I mention this was all on the Army's dollar?
thank you  Army for showing us that you care about your families!

The events of Saturdays game really exhausted all of us,
But the weekend was filled with some much needed family time!
now, fast forward, and we are home...
we were all exhausted. ready for a week long break from our long weekends events!

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