Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Whys?

As I'm sitting here thinking...
Should i write a blog entry?
What should i write about?
To be serious, or to be funny?
Do I have any pictures to share?
Can I join in on a blog hopper linky thingy?

Well many of the blogs I enjoy reading do a entry on Wednesday called 
"Wordless Wednesday"...
hmm, i don't have a cool speechless photo to share with ya...

So, My own invention for today!
Wednesday Whys! 
Lets see how this goes!

is it that my Pinterest boards keep growing and growing with things that will never happen?
Why do they get recipes that my family will never like, design styles that i would never buy?
And clothing styles that i clearly will never be wearing?
Nail painting ideas that will NEVER happen?!!
Oh, what? I PIN those? my bad!

does my family not seem to be finding out that a shoe closet is for 
your shoes to be IN IT, not set OUTSIDE of it? You have the same problem...good!

is Kolson not walking yet?! I know he is a little more cautious at things than Kyler is...but he is falling behind! Get with the program dude, its time to walk those little feet of yours, your brother is running!

cant I sew?!!! I mean really...just the basics would be nice. Like a pillow case? a throw pillow cover? A skirt for my girls...maybe a dress even? It would make design ideas sooooooo much easier. 

do people on Etsy charge an insane amount of money for things that clearly did not cost  that much to make?? If you make something and want to make money off of it, TOTALLY!  But lets be real here!
And, enter the reason why I enjoy making signs that fit my house and needs myself!!

is scheduling family portraits so stressful on my brain??? My wants-I want family photos to be taken this fall. I want outdoor, fall colors, the fall feel. I want pictures of all 7 of us together...this will be a first! 
Happy, Bright, Loving, Togetherness, Crazy, Insane...all captured in photos!!
My stress? ITS PICTURES DANG IT! on that simple fact alone, who isnt stressed about it?!! 

and...moving on!
What's on your mind this 29th of August?!

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