Thursday, September 6, 2012

4 month Crossfit review

Beginning of May I joined Crossfit Dahlonega.
There is endless things to say about this place,
But most importantly, endless great things to say about the people of CFD!

I had been nudged and pestered for ever and ever {not saying any names} windy...
and i never listened to her! 
But after having the twins, and being in a new town, 
and knowing i was over and bored with aerobics classes...
I was ready to try something new and really see what i can do!

What have I learn?
I learned that a Crossfit gym is no where as close to intimidating and judgemental as I feared.
I learned its quite the opposite actually.
Its inviting, its encouraging, its uplifting. Its Addicting!! 
It has nothing to do with what you are doing versus the person standing next to you,
Because here, the only competition is yourself. 
And everyone around you is there to support you, and push you, and cheer for you...
to make sure you are  fighting hard against being
better, stronger and faster than yourself!!

You will be left in awe with the things you see others accomplish there, daily!
Pretty sure I was never amazed with people in a step aerobics class before!!
and in return, it makes you see why you are here, and what you are pushing for...

So lets try yo review my first 4 months at CFD...
Knees to elbows- struggled with knees to my belly button
now i can almost fully get my knees to elbows!
Pull Up-still a work in progress, but when the day comes, i am sure i will be doing back flips!
Sit ups- from a very struggled sit up {like for real, my abs are tore up from babies!}, to being able to complete endless sit ups with correct form, they still suck, and hurt, and make me want to cry, but i got it!
All my weight lifting abilities are far beyond what I had expected from my weak self,
and I'm pleased with the amounts that I can lift at this starting point!
Box Jumps- Eh, I'm getting better, still getting over some serious vertigo action. Not cool, dude. 
But WODs on a 20inch box make me happy!
Double Unders are my latest victory! I worked on my single under rhythm first, {for a long time!}
but then when i was ready, the double under just happened! 
now if only i could work on not peeing my pants every time i did them...hmmm...

Well ok, to round up
Everything has been improved!
Since my start at CFD, I am minus 26lbs, and that is beyond exciting
Though I feel like my body is a constant struggle, I need to remember all my little victories!
My belly and I just don't agree, 
As it seems nice and happy to stick around forever, 
I would like it to move along with its happy fatty self. Grr, you baby belly, be gone.
I have done 2 cycles of the Whole30, which great results!
Now, if only i could find more efforts to eat like that daily, instead of just while in a self challenge. 
Working on it ok, lay off!!

So I hope you liked my ramblings of my Crossfit endeavors.
No, i am not an Elite Athlete,
But I do put forth my full efforts in the WODs that i do,
and am pleased with where i stand 4 months later...
Where do I stand?
Even more ready to improve myself, challenge myself, 
and push harder and stronger than the day before last!

My husband has been the best supporter since the start,
and i love it!! I love him! 

Endless thanks goes to the family at Crossfit Dahlonega. 
Just for being awesome and accepting, really!! 

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