Thursday, September 27, 2012


Cause i don't have any one specific thing to talk about...
Ill just talk about it ALL!
All because my life is jammed packed, wall to wall action!
yeah, it wasn't convincing to me either.

In 3 days I will be starting another Whole30!
This time around its more exciting than just a self challenge,
cause Dahlonega Crossfit is hosting a Whole 30 Gym Showdown!
Our gym, broken into 2 teams, going head to head, fight to the death...
Most improved at the end of the Whole 30 takes the mother load.
Ok, not really that dramatic, really, people, really!
we did the dunk tank, got our body fat test results,
and will do a repeat at the end of the challenge.
Biggest Loser status all the way YO!
Ill keep ya posted...cause you know I'm good at that!

This also means, in 3 days i start a serious detox.
remember, you can do this...its not cocaine.
Its just food. Its just sugar, its just COFFEEEEEEEEE.

And with perfect timing, at the end of a food challenge,
Family pictures will be taken 24 days into it!
This should be a plus for my jeans and budah belly!
and YES, family pictures, all 7 of us, behind the camera lens for the first time ever!
Wow, this is a brave brave women to take on this booking with my family.
She says we 'sound like a fun time'...
YUP, fun times in deed!!

And just in time for Christmas,
cause all family and friends love pictures for gifts right?

I got me some sweet new boots for fall!!
I am ready to rock these boots...
But first, i need to grow myself a social life outside of
chit chats with the washer to not break down,
and talks with the toilets on why they cant stay cleaner just a bit longer...
Although, while i mop the floors with Michael Buble singing to me,
he might appreciate the boots?!!

Um. Hm. What else is there?
I need to go enjoy my coffee before it is no longer allowed to be
part of my morning quiet time.
Bye Y'all!

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