Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Completion Fails...

Lately I have really gotten into the love of making 
hand painted wood signs.
From big pieces of wood, pallet woods put together, old woods, new woods...


I really love love love to find an idea {duh, Pinterest}
and find a way to make it my own...
search for fonts, make the stenciling, picking the colors, and start painting away!

{flag made for my front porch!}

All the projects I have been making have been for a very low cost,
and since you can find very nice wood for very cheap at home depot..
I quickly scratched the idea of using reclaimed wood from pallets!
That is a ton a work if you didn't know!

{LARGE, at 5 ft long, hanging in my dining room!}

Yes, finding the time to finish a simple sign gets frustrating,

and when one sign sits for a long time before completed,
either from me not having the time, or me not liking how it is turning out...
I get cranky.

{for my little girls}

BUT, i have to say that i have a handful of signs now for my home
that I just love love love!

{EPIC was requested by my son to have in his room!}

and you ask, what is your
Completion Fail>!?
I currently have about 6 signs complete{one is still in progress}...
ONLY 2 are hanging up in my home!!
The other 4 are ALL sitting on a shelf in my laundry room

What is my problem right?!!
I don't even know.
don't even know.
I think about hanging them...
then i move on to the next project, 
cause that is WAY more exciting than displaying one that is already done...

Anyways, here are my pieces that i have made recently...
Oh, you have a custom order for me? Shoot!
Maybe YOU will actually display it for all to see!
my mind is already pondering what i will start next!

Happy Tuesday!

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