Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Farmhouse table and the lady who could ...

Here comes the BOOM!
I'm well aware i skipped out on blogging for like EVER...
But, but but...
with this amazing project...
A Facebook status or instagram photo was not gonna cut it!
It needs its own space!

I finally did {built!} what i had been wanting for so so sooooo long!
A farmhouse dining room table!!

Um, yes, can i just say i have been wanting this {{TADA}} moment for a long time!!

It starts with Pinterest...tell me you haven't heard that one before?!
Then, it leads me to Ana! What an amazing lady i tell ya!
THIS TABLE is what i originally wanting...
But I ultimately ended up decided on THIS LOVELY TABLE!

I scored a set of 6 INGREATSHAPE chairs from craigslist! 

really didn't want to settle for the generic Windsor chair style!
so these ladder backs made me happy!
Ok, focus just on the two front chairs! this is what the chairs looked like when i got them,
err, minus the painters tape on them! I got too excited and forgot to take a picture!

And with a lot of mind struggle, and a whole lotta friend-spired advice help
I decided on a color/style scheme, and went to work!
And step by step...
sand,paint,paint,sand,stain rub on, stain rub off, seal, and seal...BAM!
I love!

now that we have chairs...we need uhh...derrr!
THIS right here was my main obsession, my main desire, my inspiration to achieve!

Lets get busy shall we?!
Trip to Home Depot!
3 babies in tow and a lovely lady by my side!
supplies purchased!
-for those curious, 
my lumber list included 4 (1x10 @8 feet), 3 (1x4), and 3 (1x3)
$58 for the wood, the legs were taken from my old dining table.

material list included stain, polyurethane, paint, brushes, sanding pads, screws.
and other such things that i cant even remember...
$70 for all materials and such...
{remember i was starting with nothing as this was my first project!}

and table time!!
Table Top gets GLUED together!
heck to the YES!, glue my friends, is an amazing thing!

And the first hiccup...
needed to be rescued needed some help at this step!
assembling the frame!
cross support beams did get added to this!
the table top is HEAVY!

And moving on...
I sanded and sanded and sanded for what felt like days!
The table top is hard, and sharp, and needed to be soften, 
and all sides, and corners needed to be very round to be child and people friendly!
i want a comfy table, not one to scare people away!
Quickly i became an expert wood carver!
Now accepting orders on custom wood carvings!
Bears? Owls? heck, totem poles?!!

And then the steps went on...
sanding, painting, sanding...

You know, the same as the chairs, you get it! then here it comes...
another BAM!
This was not easy to get exactly was i was going for
especially because in my small town i cannot get the 
proper supplies needed to make the faux look i was trying to make.
But, i am so very happy! and I left lots of sweat behind!

Next it was on to getting to table top secured on the apron,
and beginning the staining and sealing, sanding sealing process again!
I chose a very dark rich stain, KONA!
in love!
{this picture is after just the stain}

And then i sealed it with 5 total coats of Polyurethane...
They say this simple water based liquid is going to uphold and protect 
everything and anything that my 5 children can and will do to this table top!
They say it is one of the toughest stuffs around...
Skeptical? uh ya, totally!
But it looks gorgeous, and water on it will instantly bead up!
Fingers crossed i did all steps properly!!

And finally drum roll...
With help from my amazing friend, we got the half ton table inside,
situated in my dining room, and all chairs were in their proper places!
Photos for your viewing pleasure!

the full view!

side/chair view

showing the shine!
Its a little more shinny in the pictures. 
I wanted it to have a shine, but not TOO much...
and what it turned out to be is just perfect!

and another for fun!

I am more than in love with this handmade piece.
Uber in love, because i built it.
I have yet to decide on a centerpiece idea...
But when i do, Ill try to share it with you! 

So if you are around, and want to enjoy a cup of coffee,
stop on in, and sip it will enjoying my new table with me!
I cant wait to break in the new table!
Thanks for stopping in!

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