Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Whole 30.

If you want your life to change,
you must change your choices.
And today is the best day of your life to begin.

And so i did!
this past Saturday night i was reading around on things here and there...
And then suddenly, wildly, slightly joking said i wanted to start
The Whole 30 Challenge.


and the more i starting thinking about it,
I convinced myself that i am strong enough to do this,
and as much as I have been struggling with weight loss
since giving birth to the twins,
and as much as i have snack attacks, and sweet cravings,
enjoy a meal here, drink way to much here...
I needed to stop.

Why not jump on, and stop it all cold turkey?
If i want change, it is only ME that can make that happen.

I recently {4ish weeks ago} joined a Crossfit gym here in town
and i have loved everything about it since the start.
I love the push, i love the challenge, I love the struggle through every workout.
I love the support from everyone that surrounds you in there.
I love that through my husbands rough and demanding work schedule,
he has made it a priority to push me out the door and on my way to the gym!

Now it was time to combined my workouts with clean healthy eating.
Thats all they say i have to do!

So that's about it.
Here is sit at the morning of Day 3 {that's 27 day to go!}
And I am ready to push my 'reset button'!!

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