Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Randoms

Because its Friday, who wants to think?!

-Today is the last day of school here for my big kids! Excited much? YES, they both had an amazing year, and learned and grew so much, its just a little sad! bummed much? UH YES! Now this moment, this morning is my last one without them being on tail, and requesting everything under the moon! The food, the snacks, the noise level, the chaos...Ahhhhh!
But in this last morning, i will be still with my wee little three, and enjoy the simplistic {no so simple} time with them, till the crazies take over!

-Last day of school? will be rolling in with a not so bad highs temp. around 91 degrees today. ya'll, this is insane. I am not prepared for summer at all. And I dont even know how I am going to tackle pool time with the twins, not a clue!

-Last night was a late night, Very late night! My Aiden man was playing with his baseball team in the championship tournament. It was a long one, and a dramatic, on the edge of the fence, yelling, kicking and screaming kind of night. There were words exchanged. bad calling umps. angry dads, stressed moms. boys with their little hearts played out over that home plate. Oh my stars it was a night!
end of the night you ask? 12-11! The Braves [US] took the championship!!
and all the blood, sweat and tears were worth it!

-When I thought 'random', i didn't think random paragraphs. sorry. hmph.

-Random. Kyler man now has 5 teeth, and Kolson is slacking with just two!
-Riley is still fighting on this potty training experience. stress of my life right there.

-Today is Day5 of my whole30 adventure! I feel dang awesome for not having on slight slip on these past 4 long days! my meals are filling and delicious. Most hardest thing? To make my kids food, and hand out snacks. Dealing out nilla wafers, and not having just one go in my mouth. opening a Gatorade, and not having a sip. opening string cheese, and not having one. But these are the very issues that are at hand for me to fix, and FIX i will! 25 days and counting down! Ready for the reset!

-32 days till we get on a plane and head home to Washington for a long awaited visit with all our family and friends! Ahhhhhh, I cannot wait!

-and my children are now awake! away I go onto my mommy duties!

Happy Friday!!

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Jade said...

We can't wait to see you all as well! Naomi is soooo excited to see her cousins again! It'll be so much fun to get to see the 3 boys playing & getting into mischief together!YAY!!!