Monday, May 14, 2012

kickin back and relaxing...

Was the exact theme of my Mothers Day yesterday!!
eating deliciousness can me added to that theme as well!

It was the sweetest simplest day thought out by my husband.
It went a little something like this...

Leave mom tucked into bed while he gets up with all the kiddos,
where he then heads to the kitchen and gets busy!
spinach, avocado, sausage, bacon and pepper jack cheese all in a scrumptious omelet for me!!
accompanied by flowers, cards and sweet gifts from the kids!

They were all so excited to eat breakfast with me and share their gifts...
And then that excitement was crushed when the realized dad was about to make them work their tails off,
in an attempt for them to do everything that Mom does every single day!!

It was the best watching them vacuum, struggle folding laundry, scrubbing toilets...
and moaning and eye rolling...'We have NEVER had these many chores EVER'!!
not even gonna lie, it was comical, and i loved it!
I loved the sweetness my husband had in putting forth the best efforts to get every single part of our house cleaned!!
This included my master closet that is allllll mine, and has been about 3 feet deep in clothes for the last 6 or more months!
Hubs asked if i had recently started a denim store...
Nope, but thanks for finding all those jeans for me!

I am happy to report that i am now all caught up on all things 'Real Housewives'!!
and got in an entire day of resting and being miss lazy mazy...
AND, at the end of the day, the house was crazy clean!

Then came dinner!
Steak. zucchini, summer squash, asparagus, bell peppers, shrimp skewers all done on the grill, my favorite!
and a bottle of my newest favorite wine!

My family is the best!
and it meant everything to see them strive to show me how much they appreciate all that i do for them.
And yes KayBear, the laundry does not ever end!!

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