Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When the plague took over...

It started with just two spots on my Kyler man, I thought I was crazy for thinking it was the chicken pox, and made him a doctors appointment for the next morning.

Thankfully that appointment was scheduled cause the next morning, his two spots turned into a million, from head to toe and gave me the chills!
Our doctor said although its been so long since she had seen a case, this in deed looked like the chicken pox. Cause babies don't get vaccine for it till one year of age, Kolson well likely get it also.

The following morning I then quickly had three children, Kyler, Kolson and Riley with (what the doctor said was) the chicken pox.

Um, lock down was fun, it was just great. Awesome. Hot weather outside, neighborhood family water day, kids having a four day weekend, canceling a much anticipated visit from grandparents. ick. I felt like the keeper of the plague.

Then on day four when kolson got so bad, I took him in to be seen, and our doctor...oh so simply said..oh, this is not the chicken pox, its hand, foot and mouth disease. Yup. This time she was sure...and by far the worst case she had seen.

I like to say it was bad, bad like google images bad. No really, pictures you see on there are scary. Freak me out. i didn't dare take pictures of the worst of it. And that is what we had, right here in my house. ewww.
There is no medicine, no creams, no magic pill.  The disease just needs to run its coarse on you.

Today the 3 kids went in for a follow up with the Dr.
They are all in the clear, and no longer carrying this grosso HFMD!

Kolson still has sores on his skin, and it doesn't look pretty, but they are drying up, and healing very nicely.

Socially, people may look at him and think, RUN, but he is as healthy and NON contagious as the next baby sitting next to us at the park.
So let us live, let us breath! Let us continue on with our walks, and trips to the park!
We will stay out of daycare at the gym, and out of peoples houses till they are 'spot' less...
But we are in the clear!

This was easily the toughest sickness I have had to deal with in my 9 mommy years. And I do not want to revisit this disease EVER. Yuck. Although it is a benign disease, and not much you can do about it, it was looking straight up leprosy status!! The black plague for sure!
Lysol, bleach, Clorox wipes. Best friends for life!!

Happy {healthy check up} Wednesday!!

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