Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things that I love right now...

Jumping right into it!

Way behind on the cool scale, but I am newly in love with Instagram. Yup, newly like the days ago! Sounds simple to just share life and random moments with just a simple picture?! I love it! Snap a shot, I could be perfect ,but imperfect is always better, and share! Add a caption, or not! I lover that I can share all I want without overloading fb all the time!!

yesterday my husband, the bestest husband EVER....bought us a new hot ride, a 2012 Honda Odyssey!! I am in love with it, and so in love with my husband. It will be a big change from our awesome Tahoe, but we needed this change as our family is gimundo now!! Its gray on gray. Its sleek and shiny. It had the new car smell. It has 45 miles on it. Its basically amazing, rock star status, just like the commercial!!! Did I mention I was in love!!

Plane tickets!
Random? Ya, maybe, but we recently bought tickets for our entire family (that's five tickets, and two lap babies) to fly home for a two week visit to Washington!! Its been two years since we moved, and that's a long time for our family to not see us and the children. I cannot wait to have some fun there with everyone!!

Rock Star pink...
nail polish that is! Sally Hansen has this amazing polish called rock star pink. All glitter, and awesomeness!!!
AND, $2.04 at target. extra love!

This man.
My man, my husband, my amazing love, the greatest Dad to our children! He is my provider, my charmer, my heart! Has my side hurting with laughter, my stomach in knots of excitement, and flutters in my heart!! It can never be said too man times how much I love this man being in my life!! I am in LOVE with Joshua! Baby I love you!
for always, forever, for keeps!!

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Jesse and Marissa said...

Such a great post! I have to say I love Instagram (I post waaaaaaaaaay too many photos of my pets), we have a Honda Pilot (newly purchased before the GA move) which we love, the Odyssey's we've looked at the dealership (I like looking at cars while we're stranded there lol) I bet it's beautiful! I like how the side windows roll down. Have fun going to WA, I'm jealous! Have a great Mother's Day!! : )