Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Confessional

confessions...over here, right down below!

I confess...My husband and I are going to UFC 145 tomorrow evening in Atlanta, and I cannot wait! I cannot wait to be kid free and with my husband that is! it will be a fun event and all, but lets focus on whats important here...babysitter in my home, and me off for the entire afternoon and night! dont worry kids, mom will return to normal hours around 1am!

I confess...i might soon give up on laundry, and just shop and replace everything every week. Seems logical right??

I confess...I feel great at the gym with my workouts, my eating habits have been close to amazing. not gonna lie, just {close to} not actually amazing, but close!...and i am just not happy with my body improvements. the weight is being so difficult and just wants to hang around. I mean, i know i am a pretty cool person and all...but enough is enough. i need to shake this weight OFF.

I confess...Its Thursday night and i am blogging pretending its Friday. Oh, dang. what a rebel i am!

i confess...lately my blog has felt a little life less and boring. needing to spice it up, or spice up myself. not sure who is failing who here, but somethings have got to change...example-lame confessional friday entry right here! i'll ponder that.

Happy weekend!!

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