Sunday, March 25, 2012

a little of everything

Lets do a little bit of photo re-capping, shall we?
of all random things going on!!

I like to say a lot of things that are coming up,
and about to happen, then fail to share about it after the events!

So, my lovely sister, Lisa came to visit!
We had a fun packed 5 day visit, it was awesome!
roller skating, bowling, BBQs, soccer games, wrestling...and everything in between!

My boys are not fully crawling, but they are movers!!
This is my little man, Kyler in his favorite push up position...
He has this down, and it is so hilarious!!

Kay is playing soccer for the first time,i'm the assistant coach, she loves that!
She is having a blast out there trying to learn the groove of soccer!
I'm so proud of her efforts out there!
...and for me, its a challenge dealing with 10 7/8 year olds!!

Spring{but feels like summer} is finally here!
We are all loving the weather, eating breakfast/lunch/dinner outside,
playing all day till the sun goes down,
and sunny weather makes better cleaning weather really!
Its went from one week not getting hotter than 55, to the next week not dropping below 72! gotta like a quick change to the next season! No complaints here!!
races around the circle...1, 2, 3, GO!

and the boys are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!!

and thats all for now!!

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