Friday, March 23, 2012

Its Friday Friday!!

Confessions? Yes please!
Since this is the one hop i seem to not get enough of...

Head here, and lets get sticky!!

I confess...I have been looking forward to this Friday since Sunday afternoon! My husband is away for a school...and our week was overly busy. like could not zip my suitcase, overly packed, crowded and insane. But, happy to report, we made it to Friday. Ta Daaaa!!

I confess...i had doubts. but i am impressed with my self, PALEO is not as hard as i thought it would be! With the helping hand of my mama bear, Jess, keeping each other on track and cooking healthy delicious meals together, this 'diet' has been enjoyable thus far! with the enjoyment of some strawberry ooey gooey cake last night...

I confess...My body aches. my body hurts. my legs are stiff, my stomach muscles hate me. BUT, strend is going to do me some good!! Hate this new strength and endurance class i have joined, but love it ten times more!!

I son is grounded due to his amazing abilities to not come home from playing when he is supposed to.again. And i cannot wait for him to get home from school to start his list of extra duty chores!! Hey, these toilets are not going to clean themselves.

I confess...last night was a rough one in our household. screaming. yelling. screaming babies in bath tubs. when it was all over and done...i had no energy to even have a glass of wine in my finally peaceful house. i went to 9pm. Didn't even turn the tv in my room once i got there. hid under the covers, and hoped morning would never come. but like i said, Ta Daaaaa...we made it to Friday!

I confess...still with me? Last one!! My boys are crawlers! ok, not like full hands and knees...but toes, knees, arms, knees, hands...whatever...there are crazy fast, and into everything. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

Happy Weekend fundays!!

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Kenzie R. said...

Sounds like you have had one heck of a busy week! I'm exhausted just reading about it. Thank goodness for Friday.
I have been starting to get some exercise.. and it hurts so good! But my exercise is probably a lot less exercise-y than yours :)
YAY for your little guys crawling! Oh my gosh, that is SO exciting!! I remember when my little guy first started crawling.. Oh gosh!