Friday, February 3, 2012

i confess...

I confess...its FRIDAY!
Friday Confessional, that is!

Lets get get down to it here folks.
I confess...This week i attempted a simple. seriously simple.craft/home decor found on Pinterest that i have been wanting to make forever...and its still NOT DONE. This is so typical of me that a 2 hour thing would take me 4 days to complete! Today being the day i shall finish it. Then maybe share it? maybe

I confess...I am feeling like a big failure at this potty training{getting the poop in the toilet} aspect. It is making me insane. On a road about 5 weeks long now, and we have had ONE. read it ONE. successful poop in the toilet. Done. and done is how i feel.

I confess...My chunky man Kolson is currently crying in the background right now as i type to you all. He has been over the top cranky and fussing. and just in a kinda funk. Trying to cut those first teeth, and he is over it. We all are over it. Sometimes, he just needs to cry. hey, don't judge me.

I confess...on Wednesday i went crazy.insane cleaning. I had upstairs, downstairs, and bedrooms CAH.LEEAAAN!! and it was amazing. I thought, this is simple. dedicate an hour a day, and I am achieve glory. the glory that is a clean house. confession you ask? my sink is overflowed with dirty dishes. Dishwasher is filled with clean ones. Dinner pans on still on the stove from last night. Laundry room mess is spilling out into the kitchen. diapers are stacked on top of the changing table. toothpaste messes on bathroom sinks. And i am over it. The feeling of that clean house has passed over me. It was nice for an afternoon. but whatever.

I confess...I cant ever just write a confession. i confess. and leave it. I have to write a book long explanation of what exactly i mean. Just to make sure we are all on the same page i guess. Wait...let me try it...

I confess...I have not snapped one single picture of any of my children this week.

I confess...sometimes life happens, and there is no explanation for the results that come about it.

And there you go, a novel. A Friday novel about my blissfully insane life! Its crazy.insane. its beautiful. Its the tornado that happens around my head and follows me wherever i go. Its what puts this current smile on my face. My imperfect happiness!!

Happy Superbowl weekend everyone!
Yes, that means dig into some really good eats on Sunday, and enjoy those commercials!


VandyJ said...

I'm over potty training too. Bruiser has had one really good poop in the potty. We started New Years. He pees and only has a few accidents if he's in really training unders, not disposables.
Eventually they will get it, right?

Brenna said...

My kiddo will be two in April. I have been saying for a month that I want to start potty training since daddy will leave right after his birthday and I do not want to deal with potty training on my own. I have no idea how to potty train a boy though!

sarita edgerton said...

What a beautiful family you have! I am your newest follower from Mamarazzi! If you hop over to you will see that I too write a novel when confessing.
As for potty training, well I let child #4 go naked all the time except while sleeping. Eventually he got it!

Mamarazzi said...

i love your confessions...the wordier the better, novel on girl!!

crafts always take me longer than typical people too!!

thanks for confessing and linking up!!