Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Randoms

Because it is the start of the week...
and like a frozen over car in the morning,
My brain is not yet warmed up...
Or, not yet warmed up to stay on topic!
So you get the blast of a lil'!

My boys. They slept great last night!
roughly from 10ish to about 545am,
then they were each given a bottle,
and they went back to sleep till 730!
I was in love with them all over again!!

My oldest son however...
Must have had the Monday excitements {yah, i know, what the heck is that right?!}
He got up, got dresses, shoes and jacket on, and made himself a bowl of cereal...
then went to turn the TV on, and seeing a clock let him know that it is only 1am!!
This lead to him coming in my room to tell me what he just did...
followed by him being the hardest child to wake up this morning!!
He may need a nap when he gets home from school!

How is the potty training you ask?
very much awesomely the SAME
in fact, my husband was given the chance to find this out for himself
while i left the house for a ladies lunch this weekend
and he dealt with errrrrrhhhhh, 3 poopie panties.
like i said, AWESOME!!

I think i want a blog makeover.
But what to do?
What to change?
I hate making decisions.
Its too much thinking, and i tend to over analyze every.little.thing.
For serious.
maybe I'll wait?

That project i talked about on Friday?
As it stands...
it is still not done. no lie.
Maybe i will share it when it is done!

My kitchen is a mess.
My laundry needs work.
But i should set small goals so i don't fail right?!
Ok, warm the couch and drink coffee it is!!

Happy Monday Y'all!!

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