Wednesday, February 1, 2012

for that smile.

So i obviously suck at consistency.
I mean really. Why cant i just blog.
I do it in my head everyday...
i am like oh ya, i wanna talk about this...
and oh, this is how i will say it. mind does not type for me.
AND, my keyboard does not feed my babies.
nor, does it do the laundry.
that last part is ok, cause i am still learning how to do my laundry!

So in this life. in this moment. in my little piece.
I am a crazy wreck. for honesty reasons.
Trying to find myself, find my groove.
As a wife and a mom of 5. and myself?
Don't try it, just trust this when i say, its kinda tough. ya, kinda tough.
And somehow, i have all these amazing friends.
and an abundance of loving family.
and they carry me and my crazy antics

Unconditional Love.Support. A smile when you need it most.
a dang coffee when i am dead.for serious.
They mean more to me than i could ever express.
and really, if you know me, i am totally bad with words
particularly when it comes to telling you how amazingly wonderful you are to me.
which should be way easier, but i always kinda freeze up and choke.

Anyways. I am blessed with some inspirational people
The ones who do the simple things, that mean everything to me!
A phone call. A text. A knock on my door with some DD in your hand.
A hug. A smile. A laugh. A invite to anywhere outside of my house.
An ear to listen to me. A question of needing advice from mekinda weird right?.

It might sound crazy, it may be the silliest to hear,
but sometimes that inviting face, the feeling of being nothing else but real because this person wants you just as you. and not some pretty wrapped package.
I love. I live for.
And i love all you for accepting me.

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