Thursday, January 12, 2012

She packs attitude, with sprinkles on top!

My two year old has capitalism on ALL songs played on the radio,
Yes, this was shocking to me as well!
'MOMMY, thats MY song, you no sing that mommy, that my song!!'
is the line i hear every time i try to sing along while driving...
Yes, this may be her own way of telling me that she hates my singing...
or is already knowing that it will soon be soooo embarrassing as she gets older...
OR, she could just be a lover to all music and will be the next uhhhh....
{what little girl turned Disney star turned huge singer is still safe??}
anyways. a ROCKSTAR is what she wants to be! at.this.moment

Riley, oh my little Riley girl.
This little lady is full of new tricks daily.
Always bringing a smile to my face, and will never let you down for some jaw dropping excitement!

Along with the singing,
a awesome new trick of hers is
the fingers in the ears....'i cant hear you mom. WHAT? i cant hear you!'
its a fun one, one of my favs. basically.

I love every ounce of this firecracker!
{now only if she would nail this potty training, and we could get on with our lives...}

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