Friday, January 13, 2012


Its Friday...Friday Confessional!
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I confess...This week i have dedicated myself to a new me!{{confession? I LIKE IT!}}

I confess...Threes a lot going on in this parts...Sooo...the toothfairy may or may not have forgotten to swing by last night and reward a little someone for her lost happens!

I confess...This potty training business i not going as smoothly as I would like it teeth are grinding away every time i am cleaning up another puddle...which she likes to do in the closets...

I confess...ya, i don't scrub and clean those poop accident panties. those go in the garbage. such a waste, i know. but i am cleaning 3 butts at this moment in life. get over it.

I confess...I do bribe my 7 year old, most patient child, to help with the twins {5 months old right now} so i can get some things know, like cook dinner, clean the kitchen, hide in the bathroom clean the bathrooms...

I Confess...Tonight, i am hosting a scentsy party...and my awesome eating habits will be tossed aside. For the night. just putting it out there!!

Happy Friday!!
But really i just want it to be Sunday, my insanity 'rest' day!


VandyJ said...

We are potty training here too. It's so not fun.

Miss Angie said...

Oh man, puddles in the closet, no fun! Sorry lady!

Those kids are killer cute though... Seriously.

Happy Friday!

Tamika said...

A scentsy party and eating....goes well in my mind! :)

And I'm not beyond bribery either. Nope.

Mamarazzi said...

good for you for dedicating yourself to YOU! i think we as women don't do that enough.

your littles are DARLING!!!

i hope your scentsy party went well!

thanks for linking up. i am finally taking a break from packing, sorry i am so slow but i appreciate your confessions and the link up!