Monday, January 9, 2012

Potty training 101

Fact: This is child number 3 that i am moving from diapers to underwear.
Fact: I do not remember a whole stinkin lot about #1, or #2 potty training experience.
Fact: First time ever following a written out plan {3 day potty training guide}.
Fact: No one is easy to Potty Train!!

Keeping a smile on my face while i rush my already pooped in underwear training girl to the potty, holding my excitement and proclaiming how proud I am of her time, after time, after every 1.5 minutes time....
Ya. old news comes and hits you quick.
Smile gets real fake.
Cleaning and scrubbing becomes relentless.
Asking the question, and checking for dry panties...
Yay, said painted picture of my adventure...its a wonderland!

But with the cold turkey on diapers both day and night coming to day6, i feel like we are winning the battle! Yes, i am on lock down with my dora underwear naked bandit, and yes these walls are driving me a little batty...
But there is always cleaning to do, babies to take care of...and organizing to begin.
{oh and i have been in my pajamas basically around the clock since last Wednesday}
Not a bad gig right?!

Potty Training Success, we will be celebrating our victory soon!!

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