Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy 2012...

What? too late? NAH!

Its still January, and only the 2nd week, so yah, i can still say Happy New Year,
and it applies here!!

Well things are on the fast track in my house,
Nope, nothing has slowed down, thats a guarantee!

We have new goals set here, and are getting on the right path rather quickly!!
First task to be tackled...
Potty training my 2 year old, DUH!
right now we are on Day6, and it hasnt been that bad actually.
We have the legistics down, now just working on perfecting the habits!
And then, maybe at that point we can leave the house again
{its kinda been awhile for this mom}...totally not complaining just want a new view!

Next task...
make a workout schedule. start it. stick to it.
Well folks, Day 1 of insanity, done and out, as of this morning!!
The planned time worked great, and hoping to continues to go smoothly!
Exercise short goal is set.
Weight goal is set.
embarressing fat picture posted in bathroom mirrorMotivation in plain sight!

Personal goal
tackling today.
BLOG. this hasnt been said before. I have so much to say. so much to share.
I hope to type what i want to share, when i have the spare time!
Doing more. posting more. sharing LOTS...thats the plan anyways

Project 52 is underway, and Monday mornings will be my day to share!
I am still so new to my new DSLR. am in love. but still a newbie.
and a newbie to editing. I love looking at beautiful editing styles, and hope to learn.
Not sure how i will learn.
But for now. Straight out of camera images is most likely what you will see!
thats right, RAW!!

Project 52, 2012.
My loves.

Today, my Kolson man!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, are missed! I hope that you are able to find a few extra minutes SOMEWHERE each week to update your blog :) It makes me feel closer, even though there is a country between us...I love your humor! <3