Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coming up for Air

Who would have thought...
who could have guessed that my life, plus 2 more babies
would be close to insane?!
Yah, just close to insane, but not totally there yet!

You know, like its not a hurricane YET...
but we are on tropical storm status!
Thats right, i did just compare my life to a hurricane waiting to happen!
And what do you do at this moment?
You prepare your butt off to be ready for that hurricane
so you are ready when it strikes!
Do i feel prepared? Uh SURE!! HA!

the twins are now almost 4 months old,
very demanding, but dang cute!

The Christmas season is now here!
time to be Merrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy, and BbbrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhT!!
{or time to rush, rush, rush, and panic}
but mostly, time to enjoy our time together!

We recently {like 2 weeks ago} moved into a new home
We moved across town into military housing,
AND we love it here!
The kids have lots of friends right out the door waiting to play,
And i have lots of lovely ladies that are amazing friends and a huge help
whenever you need it, they are here!
And there is always someone to come over and help me keep my couch warm!!
With the schedule that our husbands have,
having each other is just what we need!!
YES, i AM still unpacking boxes, thanks for asking!
{but my living room is painted, cause thats how i roll!}

We had the kids pictures taken for christmas, first photo session with all 5!
I just got our proofs, and am in love! in love with my children!!
Posting the link for a sneak peek!
Check out the Fabulous Five!!
and i will share them once i get my copy of the pictures!!

Thanks for sticking around and reading!

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Tamika said...

We have tornadoes here - in our house they range in status from F1 all the way to F5. F4 and F5 are the twins...;)