Wednesday, September 7, 2011

oh HI!

you know, it really seems like i just posted on here...
like i thought i was not a failure, and could keep up on a more normal schedule...
UH, then again, i swear i just did the dishes...
i swear the towel closet was stuffed with fresh clean towels...
i swear i JUST washed a million bottles,
changed diapers, took out the trash, made more bottles,
bought more milk, cleaned up the toys, vacuumed the living room,
gave stinky babies baths, restocked diapers and wipes...

and then...there's more dishes to be done.

So basically my head is just on spin cycle,
and i really dont think this cycle is ending soon. Not seeing it happen.

We recently spent some time looking at Mini vans for our gigantic family.
yes, the day your life really ends right?
the day i take away the last bit of my husbands man hood...
the day we announce "hey, we are parents now. legit"
{5 kids later!}

We looked at all the different models that we thought would fit us well.
at the end of the day, we are still rolling in our Tahoe.
Our awesome. comfy. big. gas hogging.
no trunk space. no room. no way to reach the back. impossible to fit 3 carseats.
pain in my rear right now with 2 new babies...TAHOE

We decided to wait a little while instead of rushing a purchase that we were not sure on. So we will deal with the fighting, the cramped quarters, and the lack of being able to have a stroller and groceries at the same time.
One day soon we will throw our hands up, surrender to the SUV life, and give in to the mini van gods. and we will love it, i am certain!

Tomorrow our boys will be 1 month old!
{it may or may not feel like 5months of no sleeping tho}...
i hope to have pictures to share...
{i might have to find my camera first tho!}

Thanks for sticking around...if anyone is around anymore!!

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Shelze said...

I am around, anxiously waiting to hear all about your adventures of being a mommy to twins. When you have the time, feel free to drop a line or 2. God bless you and your family!