Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh, how i love thee..., that is!!
I may be behind on the cool curve here,
however, i was recently turned on to this awesome site
while strapped to a hospital bed on bed rest in the hospital
by my dear friend who was visiting for a week from Washington...

{yes, that's correct, one of my bestest ladies flies out from Washington for a visit, just to end up sitting bedside in my hospital room...I love you Windy!}

any i was saying...Pinterest, my new found serious obsession love,
The searching, ideas, gorgeous photos, crafts, laughs, and food are just endless!
We are fixing to {fingers crosses} move into a new home in the next 2 months,
and thanks to this website, decor and craft projects are being lined up for this house!

Let me share just a couple of my top favs right now...

Simple, Easy, Cheap, and totally your own playroom artwork!!

Crayons on canvas + Blow dryer

Frame your Keys! Love it!

This is a how to tutorial on how to make your own canvas photos,i want to make a dozen!

since i have been meaning to get better organized, maybe if i have a super cute way to display it, and i made it myself...maybe the organization of dinner time with happen easier?!

and finally, a simple fun way to display all the lovely artwork!

I simply can continue to post one awesome 'PIN' after another forever and ever...
I mean its like my new morning news right now {or afternoon, or evening}
whenever i get the time to browse around...But i will leave with just these!

Can't wait to get some projects going!!
Happy Wednesday!

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Orca831 said...

i'm addicted too!!! Love it!