Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Confessional

Its Friday, oh happy happy joy joy.
its a bye week for football, so we get family time tomorrow morning!
hubs off work, and my big monsters home from school!
no running around to be done, just sitting and relaxing!

time to link up and confess!

I confess...
Most exciting part of Friday night, means no homework to rush to be done, no frantic {night before school} prepping to be done! and going to sleep without having to set the alarm clock!! wooohooo!!

I confess...
Saturday morning with no football game also means that i will have too big kids do the {i'm bored.i'm hungry.what are we gonna do today.theres nothing to do.can i have a a better snack.aren't we gonna do anything fun todayyyyyyy} song and dance all day long...and ohh...i just cant wait to hear it all!!

I confess...
I umm. i dont know where my camera is exactly.
The boys are one month old now, and i have yet to get any pictures with me holding them, or their siblings holding them. nor do i have any pictures uploaded yet since they were born. uh, YIKES!
{truly i hate the i havent really looked for it!}

I confess...
It is now 1pm on Friday, and i am sitting on my couch in my bath robe...
Miss Riley is watching Little Bill, and Kolson and Kyler and napping together {yah, together, as in, at the same time!! go me, i know!}
so anyways-bath robe, me, 1pm...AND I DONT EVEN CARE TO CHANGE IT!!

I confess...
I do mean to send out birth announcements {eventually}...along with thank you uh, it just has not happened yet! Dont blame me, i have 1 month old twins on my hands!!

I confess...
I started to workout again {or attempt to} 3 days ago.
my body hurts, its not fun. and i want results immediately.
I have been here before, i have done this before...i know it takes time.
But BOO. Boo to the body of a new mommy. i hate it. its not fair.
i love the feeling of accomplishment, once i get it.
but i hate the time it takes to get there. Oh I HATE IT.

I confess...
my little Kyler is now crying. awesome 20 minute nap little dude...
and the cycle goes on!

Happy Friday!


Tamika said...

HI!!! I'm following from the I confess hop and totally had to comment since I felt a slight kinship with you from the words "expecting twins" and the fact that they make 4 and 5!!! :) My 4th and 5th were twin boys also! :) :) :)

I'm off to explore more on your blog!

dddiva said...

I confess to also being a procrastinator- especially with pics.