Thursday, August 18, 2011

getting settled

to find the time to write is one issue...
but to find the topic is a much larger issue!!

Kolson and Kyler are now 10 days old!
Aiden has started football, and had a great Jamboree,{opening day}
Kaylee is loving cheerleading, the best part she proudly claims, is looking cute!!
and Riley, well she is our monster right now, a big ball of cuteness and terror!!

We are now in our second week of school for the big kids,
and still trying to settle into a "normal" routine...
but with school, early mornings, late afternoons, practices and late nights...
we are still very much all over the dang place, but trying...

My mom had to return back to Washington,
And my sister is here until Saturday, then will also return to Washington...
then our family of {7} will be officially on its own,oye...
We have loved our help being here, and would seriously be a wreck
without both of their support here with us.
Dinners, cleaning, school pick ups and drop offs.
baths, grocery shopping, hospital stays, extra arms to soothe the crying.
homework, laundry, packing lunch boxes.
OK, my head is now spinning thinking of all the weight soon to be mine again!

So...YAH, our house is a little crazy,
a little out of whack,
totally unorganized right now...
but things will come together.
they will...RIGHT??

and i leave you with this...
a sneak peek at the boys photo shoot yesterday!

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Mademoiselle Michael said...

You are one busy gal!! Your children are .a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. Glad to see your little girl is cheerleading...I cheered and LOVED it. Great photos!! MademoiselleMichael