Sunday, July 10, 2011

this and that...

I want to post every other day, and every day i have intentions too...
but really, all you are going to get from me is
Sadness.complaining.irrational thinking.complainingand maybe some fun stuff....
All in all, the same darn thing.yuck right?!

So just to get my brain jogging, its bullet time!

*the weather here has been a little wonky...thunderstorms, like crazy thunderstorms at night, and then hot and sticky, wonderfully humid first thing in the morning. Which lately, whenever we have the chance, that means pool time, and its been just great!!

*My list seems to only be getting bigger, and not shrinking very much...actually i am certain it has not shrank by one single item at all...hmph.

*My family at home had a baby shower for me and the boys, and had me there VIA skype!! It was the sweetest thing, and yet horrible!!! Everyone was there, having a great time, enjoying great food...talking about the coming babies...opening presents, laughing, enjoying...and here I was at home, in Georgia, crying like a hormonal baby!!

*But...some girlfriends here have offered to put together a little shower for me, and i am so blessed and excited!!

*We still need many things, but this goes along with my list not shrinking, no surprise, my "to buy list" is just the same!

* My 2 oldest, Aiden and Kaylee are getting ready for Football/Cheerleading! We just got fitted for uniforms, and Aiden got all his football gear! First year for tackle football for Aiden, and this will make for a wreck of a mama!! And K will be too darn cute, she just cant wait for her pom poms!!

*My little Riley has been turning into her own little rockstar! She is our dancing singing Diva right now, and such a clown!! She does celebrations for everything going on, all the way down to her getting french fries!! a Bubble Guppy fanatic!!

Slowly,..mmm...eventually...maybe before D Day, we will have things around here in order...But, that progress is yet to be seen...stay calm they will all come together!!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, pregnancy hormones are so hard sometimes. Though it was good to have something to blame my tears and foul mood on. Now, I have no excuse!

Sounds like an exciting time though. Good luck with football. :)

Debbie said...

Yes everything will come together. So just try to hang in there the best you can. I adore the pictures in your sidebar. Those are precious!