Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stressed about NON stress test...

I know that title sounds just a little silly...
but its the truth at the moment,
and since this is my venting outlet, here i am, ready to spill..

This morning i had a basic regular check up.
I go in, i see the scale, yuck.gross.
I hear the heartbeats, awesome.healthy.wonderful!
Then we start going over current questions,and concerns
and going over a plan of attack {if labor should happen} before planned.

Now, we are both on the same page, i know where to go, and who to call
if these boys decide to come before a certain date...
and if after that date, i know where to go, and who to call as well!
Check, noted, on the calendar, phone numbers in my phone!
{should add them to hubs phone also huh?}

Then she tells me that in a week, it is time i start NST testing.
Non Stress Test for the babies.
ok, i'm down.
Well, small town greatnessannoyance...Dr office is not set to monitor twins.
So, i have to go to the hospital, wait in waiting greeted.hooked up...
2 freakin HOURS. in a chair. hooked to monitors.
i head straight over to Dr. Office to check on results.discuss.and basic check up.
in 7 days, rinse and repeat.
{and dont ask about the every 2 week ultrasounds at a completely different city.}

i know everything needs to be done to ensure no early labor, no health issues...
and just to be aware and prepared.
But this is a lot.a lot.
I have 3 kids already at home, and a husband with a very busy {like never here} schedule. and its summer time. No school. But, summer activities.
Football, Cheer leading. Wrestling camp...

Um.yah. i'm going to have to stop right here, because i am overwhelmed, head spinning and feel the tears coming. and im hungry. for ice cream.

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Country Mouse said...

Whew..I'm stressed just reading this. You poor sweetie! But I feel your pain. I had to drive an hour to see my doctor with my last 2 pregnancies. My small town doctors were not "good enough" for my hubby. :) With my last baby, I went in for my regular check up at 32 weeks, I had placental damage and no fluid. I was sent to the hospital for a stress test and other tests, and then...admitted! And...I was all by myself. My hubby had stayed home to babysit. I called him crying that I had to go move our car and admit myself. I felt so alone until he and my mom finally showed up. The next morning our baby girl was born 32 weeks she was 5 lbs. But she was healthy and we were happy! :)
Take care girl, I am really praying and pulling for you.:)