Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I want, I want, I want...

I really really truly, seriously want to be a cool photo snapping mommy!!
AND, to achieve my goal as a cool photo snapping mommy, i must get a...

beauty like this right here...

Yes, for a long time now, i have been wanting to join the SLR club
and capture priceless moments in true "perfect picture" status

The hubs, he is not so keen anytime i ask for a new camera, cause honestly,
they dont like me!
They break, i lose them, they get stolen...whatever the case,
in this moment, i am left with a last minute {on vacation} purchase camera
that i totally loath.
I actually tend to not even bother taking it with me places cause really,
my droid can take better pictures, and thats just sad pathetic.

So please, pass on a good word to my husband...
My little twin boys will be here so so soon, and i need to be able to document
I must.must.must. have a new camera...
Life is not the same without loving the pictures you are taking...

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