Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are GROWING...

By 2!!
Yes, we are expecting twins in September!!
This will add baby #4 & #5 to our growing family!

Here is the low down of my story to you all...
Since having last baby, {almost 2 years ago} I have been on the NuvaRing.
For the record, i officially do not recommend it to anyone!!!
Ending of January I was really really crazy sick for 2 weeks off and on.
morning sickness, duh...
i didnt know what was going on.
Then, when my period did not start 4 days later...and its like clock work, always.
I had to take the test...


So start with the OB...discuss everything...does an exam,
and refers me for an ultrasound ASAP to confirm dates and such.
{according to last menstral, i should be just 4 weeks...}

3 days later, i have the US done, and the dates were crazy wrong...
automatically, the tech said baby looks 11weeks.
and then she says, THERE ARE TWO...
and the tears started to flow. and the hyperventalating starts.
all alone, on the table, my husband being 4 hours away at a training school.
measurements are needed to be done on both babies, and i cannot pull myself together!

I am puzzled looking at the big screen in front of me with two babies.
big babies, kicking. punching. moving all over the dang place.
Do this babies know we already have 3 children at home?
AND that we were activlel trying to prevent this?!!!

So this was now 2 weeks ago, and today we had our second ultrasound.
The babies are growing wonderfully, strong heartbeats, and look amazingly cute!
the news is shocking, and very overwhelming.
But we are so blessed and with one foot in front of the other, we will find a way to pull together and plan for our near near future as a family of 7!

So here is a picture from today of our babies at 13 weeks along.
They look major alienated, but so cute right?!


mrsashcake said...

super-de-duper congratulations!! i'm dying to know how your husband took the news!?!

Tamika said...

I posted on your Friday Confessions a few minutes ago that I was exploring - and here I am. Of COURSE I had to find the one 'announcing' the twins....and I about cracked right up.

I do believe, that the conversation in my head when I laid on that table and found out about the TWO babies - while my husband was not present - was pretty much the same as yours! LOL LOL Sooooo much the same! :) Yes - a kinship indeed! :)