Saturday, March 12, 2011

proud mommy moment

Well, i am not certain this would be a proud moment for much mommys,
but for this mommy it brought a couple tears to my eyes
{ok, thats mostly because i cry about everything...}

My son had to make a timeline of important events in his life.
The worksheet was just simple, and had 5 lines for him to fill out.{he filled in 4}
This was a parent/student task,
but he decided to do it on the bus ride home that day.

When it was shown to me with excitement, his timeline read...

12-15-02 I was born.
12-25-02 I had my first Christmas
11-1-10 I moved to Georgia
12-15-2020 I will join the Army.

Yah, its not too excited, but in a moment on his own,
my second grader sat there and figured out when he would be 18
and would join the army to be like his dad!
I had some mommy tears!

and then reality of my son signing his life away just as my husband did
is heart wrenching to think about. YIKES!

Happy Saturday to everyone!

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mrsashcake said...

that is so sweet that he wants to follow in daddy's footsteps. proud daddy moment too?