Saturday, June 26, 2010

my soldier that i miss so much, Say What?!

OK, may that is a little too Hannah Montanaish...
but, it is on my TV as I sit here and type...
and sometimes stupid sayings are catchy...right?!!
Oh fine, I give up, Yah, I am a doof!

anyways, back to the subject at hand...
Talking to my hubby the other day, and he was saying bye...
He said, 14 more days babe, and I will be on a plane out of here!!

did you read that?!
Though it takes a little but of traveling time to get here
and added {army time}...
He is going to be here!!!
i cant hardly stand it!!

We have had 3 main body flights come in over the last week,
and every flight in is closer to it being our turn!
we are awaiting main body 12
Seeing every plane land, and soldiers being released to their families is indescribable!
The room is filled with cheers, and smiles, tears, hugs and kisses!!
Its a blessed day to have your soldier finally return after a long 12 month deployment!!

We {i} have so much to get done over these next couple weeks,
time is sure to fly by!!
Now, if only i can be successful and actually get all my things done before he returns!!
I best get moving right!!
Messy house, and empty fridge, i think he will be happy just the same!

Its a gorgeous Saturday here in Washington,
and I have a girlfriends date for some dinner and drinks on the waterfront!!
Happy weekend to all!!

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MrsMike said...

i just went commissary crazy and STOCKED the pantry! and my fridge is full too, but that will probably be gone by the time they are home. the little man eats almost as much as the big one does. and today i finally got all of his laundry done so his clothes wont smell like a cardboard box when he gets home.