Friday, June 11, 2010

Flip off Fridays

{cheers from the crowd}
Welcome back Kristen Marie.
you pop in, then you ignore me.
stick around awhile, you might get things off your chest!

So speaking of off your chest,
I am joining in on a{whats new to me} Blog Hop.
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Please stop by and give her some love.

Flip Off Friday
To the gym, particularly the daycare.
you have no room for my children.
I cant make appointments.
I cant workout.
You need to schedule 2 ladies during the busy morning hours.

To the computer nimrod who fixed my laptop...
I think about you every day. and how much i hate you.
You erased my memories and my work.
Every simple task turns into me saying...oh thats right, thats gone.

To this WEATHER.
to this damn Washington freakin weather.
The calendar says June, and i see aprilshowers
and I am sick and tired of complaining about the rain.
I will not embrace you...instead I...

and To my house{}
Get off the couch, put down the laptop and clean
Where is your EASY button to make this mess go away?
why cant Rosie{jeston} get this place clean when i want it to be?
You are dirty, and your dishes stink.
Please learn to clean yourself, or else....

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Maureen said...

Ugh I would be flippin off too if that happens to my laptop. Sorry to hear it happened to you!

Gigi said...

Thanks for joining in! Would love it if you could give me my blog a text link shout out if you decide to participate next week...this hop is like my baby :) haha!

Great flips. computer nerds never *really* fix the computer, do they? :)

alicia said...

Great flips. I lived in WA once too. If it makes you feel any better, it's supposed to rain in IA for like the next infinite amount of days in a row. With thunder and lightening to boot. Not great for sending your kidlings out to play.

And now that said kidlings are home 24/7 my I must flip my house off with ya. It's a pig sty.

Chana said...

Wow! You've done some great flippin this week girl! Sorry about your computer! I'll flip him off too for you! Adorable blog!

The Sharp's said...

Nice flips and an adorable family!

lisaj said...

i hear ya on the gym....mine is the same way and it ticks me off when i can't get in to workout, cause I NEED IT! flip off from me too!