Friday, June 11, 2010


Motivation, oh motivation...
you have left me, and seem to not want to return.
The weather always seems to start it dontcha think?

Well...i think!
the weather gets me down and in the dumps.
Makes me think how long and hard this deployment has been...
and makes me forget that we are nearing an end.

Makes me feel like I hate my empty bed.
I am tired of not having my love next to me when i go to sleep.
I am exhausted of this one parent gig.
Its lame.

So today, its a bahumbug day.
Not even shopping seemed to cure me today.

But...maybe wine will?!
Oh I sure hope so, I know i need it to!

6 weeks ago, our 2-1 FRG ladies made our own wine at a cute place in my town
Classic Wine Makers
you taste, sip and enjoy together,
then you pick a wine, and MAKE IT!

6 weeks later, you go back, and bottle it up and make pretty labels!
So, that is where I am heading out to tonight, and I know it will be a good time!
Uh, YAH! when is wine&girlfriends not a good time? Neva!!
{Pictures to follow!}

Cheers ladies and gents'
Heres to a speedy 6 weeks to bring my hubby home to me!
and kick this bahumbug-ness to the dang curb!!

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