Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh Monday monday....


Why do Mondays always have to be....
to be so Monday like?

So in your face, and BAM. abrupt.
such a debbie downer really.
Who invited this one to the party?

Ok really though, its 11:58pm Sunday night.
I cannot sleep. i cannot close my laptop.
no reason really.

I am definitely not going to be ready for Monday life to start
bright and just plain early...not gonna be happy.

So here is my wishful thinking that Monday would just not roll around.
or maybe that is wasn't so hard to face Monday?
maybe we should rename it?
Free Starbucks happy day?
too wishful?
a girl can dream....

So ok, i am going to try to close my eyes now, and get some zzzzzz.....
a nap will be in order tomorrow, I cross out laundry, and add in NAP!
maybe i will do a real post when i am not so kooky!

Night ladies!

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