Monday, May 24, 2010

dancing my happy dance!!

So my Monday morning went a little better than i had anticipated it to go!!

{with the exception of a very cranky little miss}
she seems to either be having serious troubles with her new teeth coming in,
or she is just seriously testing me...
like always, i seem to think i am being tested on a minute to minute basis...
she has a scream that demands attention, throws a fit like a 2 year old,
knows what she wants, knows where she wants to go, and lets it be known.
but i guess no one ever said motherhood was the easiest thing right?
Oye vey.

but, that didn't get the best of me today.
We were up, and got brother off to school, put little miss down for a nap already,
{i am not joking with her mood}
and then Kbear and i got ready for the day together!

The girls were taken to a girlfriends house
who was allowing me to have some me time today!
i did a drop&go, and i was all alone!
peace and sanity surrounded me!
I am not gonna lie, this is like bliss!!

I weighed in at weight watchers, down another 1.6 lbs.
running total is now 24 lbs! BIG NUMBER!!
and then i was offer to shuffle my feet at the mall and window shop!
hey, i have yet to buy a new pair of jeans since i starting dropping the lbs.
and 24 lbs less of me, in my jeans...yah,

and what did i find? whatdidifind?!
size 6 jeans going up my thighs and over my booty!!
yes ma'am, true story!

Then i headed out to do some quick fake&baking!
{don't judge, i am like paste, and i have a trip to Vegas this summer!}

then to the kiddos it was, where i relieved my girlfriend of her duties,
and traded places! I took her kids for the remainder of the day,
while she finds her inner peace!
I am all about the equality here!!
besides, if you dont give, then you wont get!

happy monday ladies!


Shelze said...

Congrats on your weight loss! Keep it up!

MrsMike said...

oh Maks has reached the testing stage. He will have a complete melt down just for the heck of it. I will walk away and it stops, until he finds me again then it starts all over! I had to take him out of a restaurant the other day and put him in his carseat and stand outside the car until he decided he was through with his tantrum.