Friday, May 21, 2010

missing the white sandy beaches...

{my beach babe, Kaybear}
can we stay just 2 more days mom,
its just too beautiful here for us to go back home?!

{Aiden&Aunty Lisa}
yup, this is the life!

{Aiden & Riley}
Aiden was buried in the sand,
and Riley just wanted to climb all over him!
She was thinking this is so so funny!

Helping build, or being a terror of destruction?!
She is destroying my sand castle before i can even build it! makes her happy!

{Mom and Aiden out on the reef}
We swam out to the reef to adventure around.
It has been pretty much killed away by the surfers
and tourist who constantly walk on it.
I would call it more of a sand bar than a reef.

Going to attempt a sand lump again!
Hows it looking?

{little miss}
she just loved crawling all over the sand, up...
and then back down to the water!
this place is awesome!

{my giraffe girl}
cheap little toys bring the biggest joys!
she was heart broken at the end of our last day at the beach,
when we gave their toys to a family next to us.
too much else to take home, and no need for them in Washington.
The tears were streaming down her face!

get your camera ready, I may start walking on this trip...

{my tough guy}

Look at these water babies!
chillaxin in the warm pacific!

Ala Moana beach, you are gorgeous.
you provide amazing views, the blue-est waters,
soft warm sand, and hot blazing sunshine!!
We enjoyed this beach day after day!
and we miss it soo......

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