Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My bags are pack...

and I am so not ready to go!
not even close!

We are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow.
We will be there from Tuesday to Sunday.
Thankfully our flight is not till 5:30pm,
cause i need all the time i can get right now to get my head on straight!

My sis, Lisa picked up my son Aiden today, and they are flying together on one flight.
Then my sis Tammy, is flying with me and the girls together.
Thank you for all the help ladies!
We are going to be needing it tomorrow.

So basically, I didnt think that last minute shopping/planningand packing
for a 5 day trip to paradise for 3 kids and one mommy
was going to spin my head right round, right round!
My room is torn apart and trashed, a disaster everywhere you look.
But its coming together.
I finalized my lists for tomorrow {yah thats right, LISTS!}
one for To-dos, and another for shopping.
After those are taken care of, it will be smooth sailing!
Oh, sorry, Smooth Flying!

Its been a long day, and I am seeing my week being a little bit crazier than today!
I am not seeing a moment of slowing down ahead.
Maybe a moment of relaxation?! Sure!
some peace, togetherness and closure for the whole family.

Pictures and stories to come when we return!

ps. Weighed in a weight watchers this morning. Sugar free week number 1, handed me a minus 5.6lbs!!!
Oh my good squishy cheeks!! i was jumping up and up and up!!
The number on the scale was smiling at me! {but it said keep going lady!}
I cannot believe that i kicked that sugars butt to the curb, and i shrank a littlelot!!
I am just hoping that the hawaii goodness temptations dont doom me!

Have a fabulous week!

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Ali said...

Wow! Sounds like all that hard work paid off. And I'm sure it shows too. :)

Have the best time in Hawaii! Never been and am dying to go.