Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Aloha Friday

The sun is shinning, and I am not rushing off to the gym this morning. I should be cheery right? RIGHT?!

Yesterday was a crazy/busy/hectic...uh, insane, and sad day. My head was spinning from start to...well it still kinda is spinning!

My family and I are focusing on issues that have come about during this deployment. Things and signs that were rising, that i did a good job of ignoring, or coming up excuses for them. But time no more to ignore them, they have to be dealt with head on, and that is what we have just begun.

With 2 months {give or take} before my hubby finally comes home, it is feeling like crunch time. and all those things meant to be done during this {YEAR} apart, seems to be glaring at me, and causing panic!! PANIC!...i got this, i got this!

From him returning home, and homecoming chaos, for real chaos. {being the FRG leader, I not only have to worry about my family, and our planning, but I also have to worry about 170 other soldiers wife&family&friends to be squared away for their arrival also.}...I am a busy lady right at this time. straight up insanity.

Meetings, and meetings, and planning, and discussing...not agreeing, and trying to agree. UGH! I am so ready for this to be over with, cause I am at the border, and ready to throw in the towel. I surrender, i really do.

So with a crazy day surrounding me, I was called with the sad news that my Grandma Higuchi had past away the night before, losing her battle to cancer. She is an amazing, and strong willed lady. She knows what she wants, and wants things done her way! The pain and the struggle that has endured the last years of her life has come to an end, but will not define her. She is loved by so many near and far, and all are with heavy hearts right now. The rainbows are shining bright over Diamond Head just for you today Grandma Higuchi, we all love you.

So with that, Happy Aloha Friday ladies and gents, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your family, enjoy the start to a fabulous weekend!

*side note, I have a 6 mile run this evening. no typo, 6 miles. EEEEKKK!

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cfoxes33 said...

Bless your family at this time. Sorry for your loss.