Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back to life...

back to reality!

No, but really, we are back from our trip to Hawaii.
it was gorgeous. beautiful. blue. warm. wonderful!

{and then we stepped off the plane...
and it was gray. wet. rainy. foggy. Bleh.}
home...and so it is.

We had an amazing time together and with family.
the kids experienced lots of new things, saw new sights,
and swam and splashed their littlebig hearts out!

We loaded on the 85spf about every 30 minutes! and it paid off!
no sunburns at all! though, there are no tans either,
i have come to the conclusion that its either red or white!

I have a bagillion and 5 pictures to share with you all!
Thinking my plan is to spread them out over a couple of blogs!
I can share my trip, and LOVE for the islands!

We are trying to catch up on our sleep, and get back in the grind.
Appointments, school, gym.
Oh, and those to do lists! Bleh.

So for now ladies, i leave you with this beach babe!


jayayceeblog said...

Now that's my kind of beach babe ... cute as can be!!! Loved your sunburn comment - it is either red or white. : D

Ali said...

Welcome back!

Orca831 said...

awesome!!! I enjoy reading your blogs. Welcome Back!