Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 3...

today is Day 3 on my 'NO SUGAR' challenge.
My headache is a little less today than it was yesterday.
though, I already took Tylenol as soon as i woke up.
Because my head was pounding so bad, i do not want a repeat,
and i dont want to break and just have a coffee sugar binge.

But anyways, Whos crazy idea was this anyways?
No Sugar? I mean, No Sugar?
I never realized how many foods we eat has so many added sugars in it.
I am determined to stick to this, and see at the end of 2 weeks what a difference i feel,
and what difference i see {on the scale, DUH}.

Having this pounding headache because i have a lack of something,
makes me kinda feel like an addict.
I am feeding my body something that it doesn't need,
and now, my body is struggling without it.
....Or, is this all a big mind game?!

Anyways, cheers to day 3, and happy cinco de mayo.
No margaritas, chips and salsa...not even a churro here for me!

SEE??? No need to a doctors prescription!!

1 comment:

Ali said...

You're amazing.

And that is that.