Friday, May 28, 2010

Brand new???

Dooms day arrived right here...
right here in my lap.
on my laptop.
It crashed.
I took it in to get fixed asap...{its kinda my life ya know?}

and it was fixed! in no time flat
then the guy informed me that it was brand new. BRAND NEW
yah, like i just bought it from the store
...everything was gone. and gone.

He let me know that I did not specify to him what was supposed to be saved,
So he just wiped it clean and restored my computer for me.
he said that he could see i was about to get mean with him...
and then i started to cry.
like whoa cry...
and i left.

All because one guy thought he knew better before double checking...
he just erased all my memories for the last 6 months.
really? i mean really?...
he has brains, i can tell...
he must be a computer genius.
Why would it be such importance to me to get it fixed if i wanted nothing on it??
why does he seem to be the only person on this planet that does not know that LIFE is on our computers?

and again, with a gulp, and a slouch down in my chair...why did i not have a back up?
why do i think i am invincible, and think there is no need to double back things up... i will be in no disaster, i will get no virus, i will not lose anything. It is all safe, it is all where i want it to be. Right here, easy access. It will all be just fine. Nothing ever happens to loves me.
I am so far from that. technology hates me.
mp3 players, haters
cell phones, haters
dvd players, haters

I am looking into data recovery companies, and their options.
They say anything is possible depending on how much you want to pay...
So this is what i need to think about and decide. r&r.hawaii.firstteeth.easter.specialdays & everydays.

I think i need to backup my memories now huh?
What do you think?
What types of methods do you use for data backups?


Ali said...

First of all, I am SO SORRY that this happened to you. That guy should've absolutely double checked with you, at least in my opinion.

Try to breathe. Then go out and get an external hard drive. They're small, simple and wonderful.

MrsMike said...

i use photobucket for photos. its an online storage device so i can access them from anywhere and they are still there even if my computer crashes! BUT, in the case that photobucket goes haywire, i also have a little portable external harddrive (it was like 80 bucks) that i keep EVERYTHING on, i just copy all data i have on my laptop onto it. if you just put things straight onto it (and this goes for photobucket too) as you add it to your computer it doesnt take long (like it would if you waited for a few weeks to pack it up).

both options are free (besides the initial 80 bucks for the external harddrive). well, you can pay for a larger account with photobucket, but its only 25 bucks a year. i pay for it to get unlimited space. i wish i had used photobucket earlier on in my life, i only started when maks was born so all his photos are organized on there by month/year and so easy to access. oh and then you can use it to make online scrapbooks that can be printed for like 15 bucks! they are beautiful!

oh also you can use to put a cheap insurance on different types of technology. it doesnt back up your data, but if anything happens that is unrepairable they will help you replace it. i used it when i bought my iphone... so when it died only a few months later they sent me a new one, but since it was still under manufacturers warranty they replaced it too! so i have two iphones now!!!